SWASTHYA CHETANA (स्वास्थ्य चेतना)

Project Goal:

Swasthya Chetana is a mission to spread awareness in children and youth about general health and hygiene.

Swasthya Chetana also makes efforts to spread awareness towards monitoring good health through improving hygiene and sanitation. Our beneficiaries reside in slum areas in most unhygienic living conditions. As a result, they suffer from various diseases or chronic ailments. Since, private hospitals are out of bounds for them and the Government hospitals are too overcrowded, they fall into the hands of quacks, which is dangerous to their health. We conduct free health checkup camps for our beneficiary students with support from local municipal authorities, private practicing doctors and Corporate.

Target Group:

Children studying in government schools, children who cannot attend normal schools due to work responsibilities and children living on streets, children of construction workers. Drop out girls and parents of children.


Gandhivaas and its surrounding slums at Sabarmati, a part of the city that has seen the emergence of an especially harsh discrepancy between living standards of the affluent and the destitute over the past years.


We organize various health checkup camps for children and their parents on regular basis. These camps are supported by Corporate/ Private Hospitals or Government health check-up units. Various health check-ups include Dental check-up, Session on Hygiene, General Health check-up, Eye check-up, Cancer detection camp etc.