AKSHAR CHETANA (अक्षर चेतना)

Empowering Underprivileged Children through Education. Humankind's Akshar Chetana aims at providing education support to children from "bastis". These children are normally enrolled in a government school or a lower rung of private schools. However, under Akshar Chetana, those children who are pushed out of the schooling system for various socioeconomic reasons, are also sought out and with counselling and persuasion, they are retrieved from their wayward behaviour and brought into the stream of education. It gives them a sense of dignity and helps them in the long run to transform their existence from mere survival to nursing achievable aspirations and working towards improvements in their lives. At our centers, children attend two hours session every day, besides attending regular schools. The centers are also a place to relax and play, making for a child-friendly blend of education and recreation.