AKSHAR CHETANA (अक्षर चेतना)

Empowering Street Children through Education

Project Goal:

Since children are the last ones who should be made to feel the growing gap of rich and poor, Humankind’s Akshar Chetana is aiming to provide education support to children from slums and also to those children who cannot attend normal classes due to work responsibilities. This shall give them a sense of dignity and enable them in the long run to transform their existence from mere survival to a life in accordance with their dreams and wishes.

Target Group:

Children studying in government schools, children who cannot attend normal schools due to work responsibilities and children living on streets, children of construction workers. The majority of kids in West Delhi is involved in some kind of labor, be it rag picking, carpentry work, or helping out at eating joints. Many of them even function as their family’s main bread winner. For this reason, they do not have the time to attend regular school every day and depend on non-formal projects for their education.


Gandhivaas and its surrounding slums at Sabarmati, a part of the city that has seen the emergence of an especially harsh discrepancy between living standards of the affluent and the destitute over the past years.


At our centers, children attend two hours session every day. The centers are also a place to relax and play, making for a child-friendly blend of education and recreation.