A good occasion:

Your birthday

Birthdays are a wonderful celebration, and a chance for friends and family to come together to ring in another year. Why not use this opportunity as a chance to change lives, and it will make your birthday feel even more special.

Ask your friends and family for something special this year. Invite them to donate instead of giving gifts to you. You may choose to support any of the cause of Humankind. Your friends and family can donate online through the donation page at www.humankind.in.

Your birthday gift idea:

Donations instead of gifts

Collect donations for providing school stationary to children, pay school fee for a girl child, pay for a school kit, pay vocational course fee for a dropout girl/women or even sponsor a meal. Choose from the social projects on www.humankind.in .Your donations will be transferred to the project of your choice.

Your birthday gift:

A good feeling

Your friends and your family can visit Humankind on your Birthday. Spend time with children and celebrate your birthday with them. Is there a better way to celebrate a birthday?